College has its own spacious campus at Chak Hakim, Phagwara catering to all the requirements of N.C.T.E., Jaipur and Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. The institution is spread in the vast area of 8 acres with state of the art building fully equipped classrooms, library, laboratories and spacious multi-purpose hall in the midst of sprawling gardens.
The college provides hostel facilities to the residents in the Kamla Nehru College for Women, Plahi Road on the campus itself. Hostel has its own mess to provide hygienic and fresh food. A resident warden looks after the hostel. Proper security arrangements are ensured round the clock. Hostel Form along with rules and regulations is available in the office of the Hostel.
The college has well equipped Library which serves updated reference books, magazines, journals and newspapers in different languages. Presently, the number of books in the library is 7426. Some foreign publications have also been added to the library. The college library has books in all teaching subjects along with a large number of general and reference books including educational encyclopedias, dictionaries, year books and surveys of educational research. Besides it, the college subscribes to 6 daily newspapers, 12 educational journals and other magazines in English, Punjabi and Hindi for the benefit of students and staff members. The library has a separate reading room for the benefit of bonafide college students and it remains open during vacations as well as after the college hours also. The library welcomes book lovers to its calm and serene ocean of knowledge and bliss.

Laboratory has multiple sets of material and equipments for science experiments. The students are given training to perform experiments as well as to develop improvised apparatus for use as teaching aids.

The lab has sufficient number of computers, printers, scanner, CD Roms, CD Writer and access to Internet (256 Kbps leased line) for the benefit of students and faculty members.
The laboratory is well equipped with hardware and software required for information technology (IT) literacy. The lab has multi-media like interactive board, computer, TV, VCR, tape-recorder, OHP, sound system, LCD projector, camera, DVD player, audio & video cassettes etc., by which the students are given training to make the best possible use of latest technology in their teaching.

The lab is well equipped with hardware and software such as Linguaphone (21 multimedia four level set), Linguaphone Language Lab Machine, Recorded material, Study material, VCD, TV, VCR, Audio cassette recorder, Educational cassettes and Head phones for language learning by the students.
The laboratory is equipped with apparatus and equipments for simple experiments related to educational psychology. It has a number of performance and other psychological tests such as intelligence (verbal, non-verbal & performance), personality, aptitude, attitude, interest, anxiety, creativity etc., for the use of the students.
AUDIO VISUAL AID ROOM This is the room where students are given practical training of using various audio-visual aids like charts, models, flash cards, film strips, black-board etc., in developing efficient and effective teaching skills.

Effective environment is required for teaching – learning process. Our college provides social studies room with fully equipped modern teaching aids which caters a pleasant environment, where students and teachers feel homely. This room acts as a class-room as well as workshop where students learn to prepare models, charts, flashcards etc., and also learn other skills to make their teaching learning process effective.

The room has various maps, models and teaching aids in different subjects developed through a process of training and competition. The room is equipped with art material for preparation of charts, models and transparencies. Art room is an apt place to give shape to your imagination and creativity. Students are encouraged to give colourful picture to various ideas related to different topics.
In the regular curriculum of the college, students are given time and space to smoothen their mind and soul in the music room where the required musical instruments and peaceful aura shift them to a new world.

Believing the maxim ‘A sound mind in a sound body’, Physical Education Room-cum-Gymnasium has been provided for the benefit of students as well as the staff members. Latest fitness gadgets like treadmill, jogger, weight set, rowing machine, abdominal board, power rider etc., are a part of the gymnasium, wooing all the fitness – savvy youngsters. To make the students physically fit and healthy, they are taught and encouraged to know the importance of various sports activities. The college has also a play ground with 200 meter race track and sufficient material for students to play outdoor games like basketball, volleyball, badminton, table-tennis, kho-kho etc. Special emphasis is given on practicing yoga under the guidance of an expert during the activity period.
For the relaxation of students, a provision of common room is made where the students can sit in their leisure time and can have the moments of rest and peace. Such peaceful moments enhance the students’ concentration, interest and span of attention. It provides them a time to discuss the important matters with their friends, which brings variety in their attempt. Various indoor games like carom, chess etc. are also provided in the common room.
The college has well-ventilated and furnished hall with a seating capacity of 400 students. Beautifully decorated and lighted stage gives a platform to the budding talents. The spacious hall is utilized to conduct extension lectures, morning assembly and a number of college functions.

This is the place where the students can find a variety of food and beverages to woo their tongue. The college canteen maintains the hygienic decorum and provides ample comfortable space to satisfy their appetite.

Beautiful, sprawling lawns enhance the peace and charm of the surroundings which give a stimulating force to mind, body and spirit.