Information and Guidance Cell : This cell works under the supervision of a teacher in-charge who provides necessary information regarding various educational and vocational opportunities to the students. The application forms for various purposes are also made available to the students at subsidized rates.
Women Grievances & Redressal Cell : To cater to the problems and grievances of women in the college, a Women Grievances & Redressal Cell has been established. Friendly and expertise sessions are conducted to pinpoint the problems, to adopt the line of action, to analyze its effects and to provide follow up services.
Clubs : Four clubs namely a) Language Club b) Social Sciences Club c) Sciences Club and d) Youth and Eco Club function in the college. The clubs undertake various activities related to their particular fields like essay writing competition, handwriting competition, poem recitation, language quiz, vocabulary test, cultural and heritage programmes, environment day etc. The clubs also present a variety of articles and information on the display boards allocated to each one of them separately.
Hindi Parishad : Under the guidance of subject teacher, Hindi Parishad carries out the activities to promote the importance of the National Language. Efforts are made to bring into limelight the command and expression of talented students over the target language.
Punjabi Sahit Sabha : Punjabi Sahit Sabha targets at revealing the sweetness and richness of our mother tongue. Our capable and expert teachers give a motivating push to the students to present their ideas and thoughts in their mother tongue with command and ease.